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Environmental, Social, and Governance

Dedicated to driving positive change through our robust and impactful Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives.

Pennrose is committed to transforming communities by creating high-quality, inclusive housing that improves lives. We are a leader in mission-driven multifamily development and management. We are guided by the understanding that our legacy goes beyond the buildings we develop – it extends to the neighborhoods they improve, the residents who call them home, and the community organizations we partner with.

Learn how some of our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives are shaping a sustainable future.



Green Buildings - For more than a decade, every new unit produced by Pennrose has been designed and constructed to a LEED silver equivalent of energy efficiency or better. Many of our developments have achieved much higher levels of efficiency, including passive house certification.



Solar Power - Solar projects have been installed at 34 properties. Pennrose has been awarded a Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) STAR grant in Massachusetts, to provide solar feasibility studies on all of our projects in the state.







Pennrose strives to be an Employer of Choice to retain and attract the best talent. We are committed to the wellbeing of our team members and their families. We offer a robust array of benefits related to health, wellness, financial security, work-life balance, and learning and development.

DEI Statement - Pennrose is committed to furthering our broad view of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to hiring diverse talent and ensuring that team members, residents, and partners are treated with respect and supported in the roles they serve.



Pennrose is focused on charitable giving and volunteering opportunities in the communities we serve. The majority of these activities are coordinated through the Pennrose Foundation.


Volunteering at Camp Courant - Members from the New England property management team volunteer each year at Camp Courant, located close to The Jefferson, New Britain, Connecticut property. The team works together to prepare the campgrounds and classrooms for the kids for the upcoming summer.

“Because we are a company that volunteers and has helped in the past, the camp volunteer section director recently sent me an email and has also invited us back for opening day June 20 for their open day ceremony and to welcome the kids on their first day.”
- Julie Velazquez, Property Manager, The Jefferson




Pennrose maintains and communications a formal companywide Code of Conduct, covering ethical business practices of employees, vendors, contractors, and partners.

Compliance Department - Pennrose employs a formal Compliance Department focused on ensuring adherence to all federal, state, and local funding and housing laws and regulation.

Information Technology - Formalized IT Privacy, Internet and Electronics Use policies are in place to protect Pennrose’s information assets. This is a requirement and crucial in safeguarding its customers, intellectual property, and reputation.



To read the Environment Social Governance 2022 Report, CLICK HERE.