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Pennrose Impact

Our Success is Measured by That of Our Residents

Pennrose Impact is a team of dedicated professionals focused on an outcomes-driven approach to providing on-site support and resources to help our residents achieve their goals.


Providing Everyday Connections Needed by Our Residents

The Pennrose Impact mission is to ensure a successful living experience for residents by providing access to and assistance in securing essential supportive services that enhance the quality of their lives.  We constantly strive to make a difference in improving people’s lives by engaging with residents to strengthen programs in each community and strategically have an impact on the greater community.

We advocate for residents and connect them with appropriate provider agencies and services. Our objective is to provide services that help maintain and prolong residents’ ability to live independently and improve self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and self-empowerment, both as individuals and as a community. We strive to alleviate the most common issues to affordable housing (high turnover, rent-delinquency, property damage, vacancy loss and evictions) to improve property operation through enhanced resident relations and stronger fiscal operations.


Programs and Services to Enrich Resident Lives

Our fully staffed Pennrose Impact team is focused on providing quality, life-enhancing programs and services to residents to enable them to live independently, successfully, and improve their overall quality of life. Community Impact Coordinators link residents to community agencies or programs and provide information and referrals that will help meet resident needs and empower them to be successful. 


Systems for Providing Tailored Support

Pennrose Impact provides services at all affordable properties, utilizing either a Pennrose employed on-site Community Impact Coordinator or a partnership with a third-party provider. On-site Community Impact Coordinators build vital relationships with the residents to proactively identify any needs for resources or referrals. On-site, educational programming for the residents helps to eliminate any barriers to residents accessing the programs and services that may improve their self-sufficiency or their overall quality of life. Pennrose prides itself in recognizing that each community is unique and may benefit from a community agency partnership to perform the on-site support services for our residents. Regardless of the Pennrose Impact staffing model, we always ensure that the Pennrose service standards are being achieved.


CORES Certification

Pennrose has achieved CORES Certification, which recognizes organizations across the country that have developed a robust commitment, capacity, and competency in providing resident services coordination in affordable housing communities. The rigorous certification process reflects an organization’s deep commitment to the highest standards for resident services, resident health and well-being, and data-informed operations and decision making.



Pennrose has pioneered partnerships that allow our seniors to age in place. The on-site Community Impact Coordinator links residents to services and programs specific to an aged population that improve their overall quality of life. Numerous services, such as banking, grocery delivery, aging services, housekeeping assistance, and access to affordable and reliable transportation, are brought to the property to enhance resident access to these life needs.



Pennrose has been a part of change in communities working towards ending homelessness by setting aside units in many of our mixed-income housing for the chronically homeless. Our Community Impact Coordinators develop the necessary connections with encompassing case management and work in partnership to ensure successful tenancy for the resident. 


Special Needs

Pennrose collaborates with agencies that specialize in providing services to special needs population at properties where we have set aside units restricted to individuals with disabilities. Recognizing the special and unique services that may be needed that cannot be provided by our staff, we form strong partnerships with agencies who can provide the needed services.





A lack of safe, affordable housing and other risk factors contribute to homelessness among our Veterans. Pennrose recognizes the importance of having services available to our Veterans so they can live successfully in quality, affordable, and permanent housing. We form partnerships with Veteran focused agencies and groups who deliver programs and services tailored to the specific needs of Veterans, including transportation to VA hospitals.