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Family of Woodstock plans to use 48 units at Golden Hill housing project

May 30, 2023


The management company for the upcoming Golden Hill housing project will be partly owned by Family of Woodstock, according to Executive Director Michael Berg, with the crisis care and community services non-profit set to own 51% of the structure.

Golden Hill is a planned 164-unit housing apartment complex on the site of the former Ulster County Jail by developer Pennrose.

Berg said on Tuesday that 48 units of the complex would be used by Family of Woodstock to provide supportive housing, while the rest would be workforce housing. The structure of the project was decided in order to open up more financing options for the project, officials have said.

According to a letter written by Pennrose Regional Vice President Dylan Salmons, which was shared with the Common Council in October 2022 at a Laws and Rules Committee Meeting, Family of Woodstock would also operate a child care center at Golden Hill once construction is completed.

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