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Pennrose Implements Business Partner Code of Conduct

October 24, 2019

Pennrose announced that it has implemented a Business Partner Code of Conduct to reduce enterprise risk through management of the organization’s business relationships and to complement its existing Associate Business Code of Conduct. Pennrose prides itself on the business partner relationships the company has developed over its 40-plus year history. The Business Partner Code of Conduct is a way to formalize compliance expectations for vendors and create a process to address potential deviations from Pennrose expectations.

The Pennrose Business Partner Code of Conduct reflects the Pennrose Core Values and emphasizes that Pennrose conducts business ethically and within the spirit and letter of laws where we operate. The document details the overall compliance commitment expected from business partners, provides training opportunities for business partners on expectations, sets expectations for several specific risk areas of our business, provides procedures to identify and address any potential misconduct, and delivers tools to address business partners not meeting the Code of Conduct.

“We have always maintained high ethical standards for our employees and business partners,” said Mark H. Dambly, President of Pennrose. “The Business Partner and Associate Codes of Conduct provide clarity for the expectations we have for how we conduct business to support the Pennrose Mission.”

The Business Partner Code of Conduct includes general parameters for business conduct, but addresses specific areas, such as safety and OSHA compliance, contract diversity, equal employment, construction code certifications, prevailing wage laws, conflicts of interest, and others. The document will be distributed to all current vendors and business partners and will be provided to new vendors when needed.

The creation of the Business Partner and Associate Codes of Conduct was led by R.J. Saturno, Jr., Vice President of Legal & Compliance for Pennrose. R.J. joined Pennrose in 2013 following a 25-year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as Supervisory Special Agent/Chief Division Counsel and is responsible for establishing, implementing, and executing institutional controls and compliance for the organization.