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Pennrose Management Company Begins Transformation of Property Operations to Paperless Platform

Mar 25, 2024


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Utilization of technology expected to enhance resident experience

Pennrose announced its Digital Butterfly initiative designed to transform property operations to a largely paperless platform and utilize technology to create efficiencies for its property operations and residents.

The initiative includes the evaluation of a variety of products available through Yardi, the company’s property management software provider. Pennrose is researching products to better understand how each could enhance property operations and services.

The expected outcomes from of these activities will include:

  • Improved resident convenience and experience.
  • Increased efficiency and reduced administrative burdens.
  • Enhanced data accuracy and security.
  • Accelerated decision-making and response times.
  • Increased payment timeliness.
  • Enhanced reporting and compliance.
  • Expanded accessibility and reach.
  • Optimized resource allocation.
  • Increased tenant retention and satisfaction.

“Digital Butterfly is expected to be a considerable investment in technology and Pennrose talent,” said Marsha Blunt, president of Pennrose Management Company. “We are focused on providing the training, resources, communication, and ongoing support to our residents and team members to make this transition successful.”

Pennrose recently completed the transition of its portfolio to Yardi’s rent payment system providing residents the opportunity to make online rent payments conveniently and safely. Residents are being trained and supported through a variety of programs including in-person events and the launch of an online resource with comprehensive instructions at

The company has recently begun a pilot program of the RightSource compliance platform. The pilot includes 17 properties/phases totaling just over 1,000 units. Other products being evaluated include Verification Services, Vendor Café, and Aspire.

“Digital Butterfly is an exciting opportunity not only for Pennrose and our residents but also the affordable housing industry as it relates to the utilization of online technology,” said John DeSantis, chief information officer at Pennrose. “This project will enhance the digital literacy of our residents and team members by shifting from traditional manual paper processes to online technology.”