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Pennsylvania Company Establishes Fund to Help Residents

Apr 07, 2020



A Philadelphia-based firm is using its foundation and communication to care for residents.

This is the sixth in a recurring series of articles looking at how apartment owners, managers and developers have mobilized to protect themselves and their residents from the spread of the novel (meaning new) coronavirus (COVID-19) in the U.S.

A year and a half ago, the owners of Pennrose decided to start a foundation. They intended to partner with nonprofits and community-based organizations in the neighborhoods where the company owns apartments.

For instance, employees would make box lunches or dinners and then take them out into surrounding neighborhoods.

“If they [local groups] were doing food drives, cleanups, clothing drives or any kind of neighborhood activities, we would support those from both a fiscal and manpower perspective,” says Mark H. Dambly, President of Pennrose. “A number of our employees are very engaged in their communities.”

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