In our new series, we’re meeting members of the Pennrose team to learn more about their role and what “Bricks & Mortar | Heart & Soul” means to them.

First up, meet Aaron Harris, Senior Corporate Accountant, who has been at Pennrose since 2015.

What does “Bricks & Mortar | Heart & Soul” mean to you?

To me, “Bricks & Mortar | Heart & Soul” speaks to the hard work, dedication and integrity that Pennrose possesses. The affordable housing sector can be a challenging niche to be a part of in the real estate industry. As one of the leading companies in affordable housing, having a solid foundation as well as a genuine care for residents is the cornerstone for our continual success.

What is your favorite part about working for Pennrose? 

As an emerging accounting professional, Pennrose provides me with a unique opportunity to grow in my profession. With the complexity of our deals coupled with the length of accounting tasks needed to be maintained regularly, it allows me to learn and grow while continually being challenged along the way. This builds character, expertise and a talent for problem-solving under pressure.

How is working at Pennrose different than previous professional experiences?

From my experience working at other companies in my professional career, companies make promises that they are not able to execute to help one succeed. Pennrose, on the other hand, promised growth opportunity and delivered. This is a place where your hard work truly does pay off. Secondly, the work-life balance initiative and its many components are conducive to ensuring one can effectively manage his or her life as a whole. This was a new phenomenon for me entering Pennrose.

Pennrose demonstrates care for its employees by continually working to improve current processes and reinventing the wheel where needed. For a company to not only self-evaluate their current methodology in hopes of doing better each year but to act on it, speaks volumes to how the “employer of choice” standing will continue to increase.