Developers often emphasize a residential community’s amenities: ample parking, cutting edge fitness center or resident lounge. But at Pennrose, we’re particularly proud of one intangible amenity that has proven its value to our residents time and again – Supportive Services.

In keeping with our mission to transform communities by creating high quality real estate developments that deliver outstanding value to our residents and partners, we’ve discovered that offering supportive and resident services is an amenity that allows residents to become more successful, which in turn makes them better members of the community.

Supportive Services means something a little different in each community, but it often begins with a Supportive Services Coordinator (SSC). He or she works within the community and with individual residents in a variety of capacities. For example, in a senior living development, an SSC might direct a program on how to avoid falls or how to get the most from health care benefits, so residents can age in place and continue to live independently. In an affordable family housing community, an SSC might help a resident with his resume, sponsor a vaccination clinic or coordinate a seminar on family budgeting.

The Pennrose portfolio includes senior housing, affordable family housing, mixed use and mixed income developments, just to name a few. In these communities, the Supportive Services Coordinators have been invaluable and are known to go above and beyond. For instance, our SSCs have even helped residents achieve home ownership.

Recently, an on-site SSC learned that one of her residents was accepted to Penn State, University Park campus. Unfortunately, the family was unable to pay for her education. The student and her mom reached out to their SSC to ask if she knew of any resources for scholarships. The SSC happened to have met a Penn State connection at a networking event and was happy to reach out. After a series of phone calls, and advocating for her resident, the SSC was able to guide the family to the right resource for additional scholarship funds. The future looks brighter for both the resident and her family.

In many Pennrose communities, the Property Manager is trained to be the Supportive Services Coordinator, but a holistic approach, one that includes maintenance staff and leasing managers, can also have a broad impact. When a property’s staff is trained and encouraged to be sensitive to issues such as mental health, family safety and behavioral concerns, they can guide residents to programs and resources that can be helpful. Our property team members are also encouraged to suggest community programs that could benefit their residents and to identify areas that need attention. 

Pennrose knows that if we help support our residents, not only will tenant turnover decrease, but their quality of life and general satisfaction will improve. We believe that it takes more than well-maintained landscaping and an updated kitchen to make a house a home. It takes an atmosphere that will help residents succeed.