At Pennrose, every residence we develop starts with the same set of objectives: to create an environment where residents feel at home and are supported in achieving their goals – whether that’s through great amenities or easy access to supportive services and transportation. However, one key feature that cannot be overlooked is the benefits associated with energy efficiency, and in particular, Passive House developments.

Passive House building is a set of design principles used to attain a rigorous level of energy efficiency, using “free” heat sources and superior insulation to drastically reduce heating requirements and maintain a comfortable environment. Passive House buildings use sunlight and even heat emissions from appliances and people to help maintain a consistent temperature. This provides unmatched comfort in extreme weather conditions, while continuous ventilation of fresh, filtered air provides superb indoor air quality.

Supporting our environment is important, but what does it mean for residents? A recent analysis of energy consumption across our portfolio revealed that our Passive House buildings require about a third less energy as relatively energy-conscious, new construction, and less than half compared to similarly-sized, traditional Pennrose properties in the same regions.  This energy savings equates to roughly 25 percent reduction in total energy cost per unit versus other recently-built properties, or roughly $370/year.

Cost savings like these can make a real impact in our communities where tenants have a lower fixed income. Most recently, Pennrose’s West Turner Residences in Allentown earned Passive House certification – making it only the fifth development in Pennsylvania to meet this standard. West Turner Residences is a high-quality, affordable senior housing development that brings together health care and affordable housing to meet the needs of residents in the Lehigh Valley.

In addition, both the 76-unit Meriden Commons II and the 75-unit Westbrook Village Phase 1 in Connecticut will meet Passive House criteria once those projects are completed.

Given the positive results seen throughout our portfolio, we will continue to make building sustainable communities a top priority. Building communities that benefit residents and deliver value to entire the neighborhood is the cornerstone of the Pennrose mission.